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Food Design


Allow us to help you to find the perfect place to host your event. From exclusive hotels to elegant stately homes, we will secure the ideal backdrop against which to work our magic, making your chosen venue your very own.

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Our Mantra

Our approach centres upon our philosophy of uniqueness. We want to continue to be recognised for our extraordinary food, which is tailored to fit every occasion where it is enjoyed because each menu is individualised. With you, as with our every client, we will begin upon a fresh page; our catering service starts with an empty plate that is only to be filled with food which fits your event perfectly. For over twenty years we have honed our specialist skills and gained a loyal network of clients, always working in accordance with our mantra of Inspire, Innovate and Initiate.



Starting with your imagination, we will create and execute truly inspiring dishes, for a truly inspiring event. Here our passion and our creativity come to the fore, as we labour to enable our clients to realise their own unique vision. Simply tell us your wildest desires so that we can begin the refined process by which your ideal event will materialise. As a catering company, Sparkling Bubbles insists that food is so much more than an accompaniment to an event. We truly believe that food can inspire as well as it can satiate: we want to feed your guests’ imaginations even as we thrill their appetites.


Whether you would like us to bring modern twists to traditional dishes, to fuse together contrasting cuisines, or to wow your guests with highly unusual menus, we specialise in the art of surprise. Start by letting us know how adventurous you would like your event to be. Sparkling Bubbles is also adept at accommodating all manner of dietary and cultural requirements. We will deliver your particular brief by drawing upon our inventiveness as well as our vast knowledge and experience. Taking your individual tastes as their cue, our accomplished chefs will devise an innovative array of dishes for you to choose from. Our fresh approach will empower you to further explore your own palate, as you collaborate with us in the creation of a truly special menu.


Our passionate, proactive and attentive approach enables us to seize every opportunity to ensure that your event is a huge success. From planning right through to production, you will find us brimming with ideas and enthusiasm. Sparkling Bubbles continues to enable its clients to host flawless and unforgettable events because every minute detail is managed and refined. With every event we undertake to perfect each vital element because we set the highest standards for ourselves. We will never miss a chance to make an event even better, and will always put your demands into immediate action. Our contact with our clients is close and ongoing and our level of service is unsurpassed.

Food Design

With Sparkling Bubbles, food design is both an art form and a highly specialised service. In our hands, you will see your very own palate, personality and imagination being brought to life, on stunning plates of food which will be the focal point of your event. Of course, whilst preparing a significant event your requirements may shift, or your vision may evolve: we understand this. Indeed, we value this as part of the design process, which is precisely why we dedicate our time to working in the closest communication with you.

Alongside us, you will discover how food can be an extension of your personality and an expression of your mood. Enjoy developing with us a menu that will take centre-stage, and propel your event to great heights.

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